Pick and Speak Competition

The Second event held by the SSA with both the First and Second years competing against each others, ‘Pick and Speak’ took place on the 16th of July, where we had over two rooms full of students ready to show case their talents. The event was over an hour long and began at 12.00

Pick and speak is the spotlight for those who voluntarily hold the mike and speak up to the topic and look up to the curious crowd. The stage was set and it was time for the speakers to highlight their perspectives on the picked topic and impress the audience. One by one, each having their points with timer set tried their best and indeed a few did steal the audience’s heart and were rewarded with a huge round of applause. From women rights to vegetarianism, all topics were covered and the speakers did express and put forth their views to the judges and students. This event allowed the students to open up and showcase their abilities and their knowledge on various topics. It also helped them to broaden their outlook in a wide range and discover their hidden self and reveal the unknown facts.

Harshitha Jamadagni, 1 HESP ‘M’
Saandra Manoj, 2 PPES ‘O’

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