Hollow Flash Lights ………


Ann Makosinski is a 16years old student , who competed against thousands of other young inventors from in and around the world , to win first prize at Google ‘ s international science fair.

She invented a battery free flashlight.  It is a free energy device that is powered by the heat in your hand .

Ann found out that many students could not read because they had no access to electricity.  She recalled how human body had enough energy to power a 100watt  light bulb. This inspired her to think of how she could convert body heat directly into electricity .

If  a  ceramic tile is heated and is pressed against another ceramic tile which is cool , then electrons will start moving from the hot tile to the cold tile producing current . This phenomenon is called as THERMO ELECTRIC EFFECT.

To ensure that the tile below is cool , she had a role mounted into a cutout area of a hollow aluminium tube . The air in the tube would keep the underlying portion of the tile cooler. She added a transformer inorder to boost the voltage to 5volts .

She successfully created the first flash light that didn’t use battery , toxic chemicals, kinetic energy or solar energy and it always works when you pick it up ….

Navya shree k  (2 PCME H)

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