Transparent Technology……

Scientists  at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, have created the world ‘ s first transparent computer chip .

This chip is known as Transparent Resistive Random Access Memory (TRRAM) . It is something similar to the existing chips known as Metaloxide Semiconductor Memory  ( CMO ‘s).

The difference is that TRRAM is completely clear and transparent but What is the benefit of having transparency ?

Answer to this is that ‘ it is a new milestone of transparent electronic system ‘.  By integrating TRRAM with other transparent electronic components, we can create a total see through embedded electronic systems .

The technology will scale to such a great height that it can enable the windows and mirrors in you house to be used as computers , monitors and television screen.

This technology is likely expected to come to our expose within 3 to 4 years…

Navya Shree K ( 2 PCME H )

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