Mind Chow Results….

Science Forum conducted “MIND CHOW ” , the science quiz on 5th August 2016 . The event received great response with about 50+ teams who took part , each team comprising of 3 members each .

The results are as follows :

1st place

  • Satyam Raj       15p1083  ( 2 PCME H)
  • Atul Rokkam    15p1054  ( 2 PCME H)
  • Dev Mishra       15p1056   (2 PCME H)

2nd place

  • Girish Narayan     16p0908   (1 PCMB G)
  • Abdul Kareem Khan 16p0901  (1 PCMB G)
  • Shaik Noor             16p0926   (1 PCMB G)

 3rd place

  • Pranav M P          16p1140   (1PCME H)
  • Akash Kumar      16p1062   (1PCME H)
  • Vishnu S Reddy   16p1121   (1PCME H )

Congratulations to all the winners !!!          

      – Navya T ( 2 PCME I )

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