What’s your mileage?

In an era of information explosion and excessive dependence on the internet, young minds racing to make the cut find themselves taking a detour and consequently failing to make it to the finish line.

However, Sedes Minerva, the Quiz Club at Christ Junior College functions as a navigator and encourages students to achieve academic excellence and increase their awareness of the world around them with the right sense of direction. Apart from significantly expanding one’s breadth of knowledge and contributing to one’s intellectual growth, both in specific and general areas, the quizzes offered here are designed to be fun to participate in, and aim to provoke discussion, team spirit and healthy debate amongst participants.

This year Sedes Minerva declared the forum open to student participation by organizing its first quiz session on the 28th of May, 2016 on the theme ‘Automobile.’ The Club received an overwhelming response from students both girls and boys alike who were extremely keen and enthusiastic to participate in this quiz contest. The place buzzed with sounds of youthful cheer making that Saturday hour joyous and worthwhile. The club’s activities have begun with great fervor and zeal. Much awaits those who wish to hone their intellectual abilities or interpersonal skills. If you too are one of those who desires the same, Sedes Minerva is your place to be.

Atul Rokkam, student representative, Sedes Minerva

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