Fantasy Quiz Results!

The fantasy quiz, held last Thursday had the largest turnout with more than 20 teams eager to portray their knowledge about various fandoms.

It was a tough competition with rounds including charades, pictionary unlike a stereotypical quiz.

I am proud to announce the results are as follows:

In First Place-

  •  Joel Jacob – 16P1983
  • Yashas Hegde-16P1961
  • Tarsh Chowda- 16P1959

A Close Second:

  • Neeharika S – 15P2185
  • Devi- 15P1958
  • Laricsa- 15P1962

Third Place:

  • Saandra-  15P2166
  • Geetanjali-15P2127
  • Kruthi- 15P2129

Congratulations to all the winners!

Keep an eye out for more Pierian Spring Events… 🙂

-Sanjana N, Student Representative, Pierian Spring


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