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DRONES: Drones are air crafts without a human pilot . They work with the help of arduino board . There uses are expanding in commercial, scientific, recreational, agricultural and other applications such as policing and surveillance, aerial photography, etc. LAWN MOWER: This device is used for cutting grass, it basically runs on solar power. It uses revolving blades for chopping grass evenly and for a particular height. It also has a provision for adjusting heights , in order to cut the grass to a desired level . It uses the object sensors to change its directions. It also aids other process like cleaning, sweeping, etc. It is a multitasker. INTERNET OF THINGS: Smart cars ,smart locks, smart home,etc are some of the emerging category called IOT. It’s goal is to provide users with smarter and more efficient experiences. This model consists of a rectifier circuit and a step down transformer in order to power up the arduino board. A set of relays are used for switching purpose .  The central component of the circuit is wifi . Wifi is used … Continue reading

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Robotic Day !!!!!…..

It’s said that “The only source of knowledge is experience “. The ‘ROBOFEST’  which was held in our college is a perfect example. The quadrangle was filled with robotic enthusiasts.  They were awestruck upon one word ROBOFEST . Our ebullient … Continue reading

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Eco Club Trek

This article is about our experience of trekking organised by the Eco Club on 28th Nov, Friday. The verdant campus, brimming with fruit trees of every kind, hugs the slopes of a craggy hillock, and is in vivid contrast to the … Continue reading

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Story Narration Results

Hello All, The long awaited Story Narration Results are here! In first place – Mansi (II PPES O) Coming in Second- Parvathy (I PCMB C) And third place goes to – B.P. Prajwal (I PCME H) Congratulations to all the … Continue reading

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