Eco Club Trek

This article is about our experience of trekking organised by the Eco Club on 28th Nov, Friday.

The verdant campus, brimming with fruit trees of every kind, hugs the slopes of a craggy hillock, and is in vivid contrast to the semi-arid boulder-strewn landscape that stretches beyond it. Here and there within this enormous Eden, a mere one-hour drive from Bangalore, are the simple and beautiful buildings of the Gurukula, all single-storeyed and with sloping roofs of coconut leaf thatch. These huts of varying sizes blend harmoniously with their natural surroundings and are reassuringly human in scale. Entering the place, one can’t help feeling that this is the kind of environment the human body was originally designed for.eco5

Guru Freddy Nature Awareness Camp, a camp like no other. We set out for this journey as early as the sun peeped over the horizon. A comfortable ride away from all the hustle and bustle of our Bengaluru. Our destination was surrounded by vast fields of corn. Amid which we had a delicious urban breakfast. Little did anyone know that the energy was to be harvested till the brim!eco3

The walk began. A three mile trek up a rocky hill, composed of thorny bushes and exotic scaly reptiles. The slight inclination began to get steeper, and the surface smoother. At one point, the hill came to a terrifying 70 degree inclination! On all fours, and with the highest adrenaline rushes some of us have ever faced, we slugged up. Reaching the top, clouds were now almost in our line of sight!

Looking around, we realised all that exhaustion was worth the breathtakingeco2 view! We sat down and enjoyed the beautiful sight.

Well, it was time to go back. Time to go down that event full hill!

When we reached mid-hill, we had to take a diversion, as following down that path would prove to be very dangerous. The diversion was through a cave. Passing through this narrow, pitch black cave was very challenging. As we went down the cave got narrower.

Fortunately, we all safelyeco1 managed to crawl out of it. That followed an extravagant lunch. Later that day, we had another thrilling experience Rappling, down a hill five storeys high!

Of course, we did have a team of experienced trekkers, along with two of are very own teachers – Mrs. Muthamma and Mr. Benjamin Bosco , guiding us in every phase of the journey. In the end, we had a rejuvenating drink and left that wonderful place with a smile and memories engraved in our minds forever.












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