Robotic Day !!!!!…..

It’s said that “The only source of knowledge is experience “. The ‘ROBOFEST’ 
which was held in our college is a perfect example.

The quadrangle was filled with robotic enthusiasts.  They were awestruck upon one word ROBOFEST . Our ebullient Christites brimmed with pride, as they presented their simple yet awe inspiring projects . The zeal was uncontainable.  dsc_0231

Competitions are integral part of the fest. Junior sumo, vision centre challenges and so on  were  some of the programs hosted by Novatech Robo . This gave opportunities for our eager participants to display their wide knowledge on various aspects of technology. To learn , to win and to experience was easily the motto of this robotic expo.

Various projects displayed in the campus stole our attention,  each unique in its own way and altering our senses in the new horizon of technology. Among them were drones , segway , internet of things ,  lawn mower and many more.

The conclusion of the fest tells us that “scientific advancement promises improvement in human life “…..













Navya Shree K (2 PCME H )

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