World Environment Day2017

June 5th world environment day, is a day to be cherished by every person as it reminds us of our responsibilities towards nature. The Biology department with Eco-club, involved students through various activities to celebrate this occasion enthusiastically.
The theme for the year was ‘connecting people to nature’.
Students exhibited posters on the theme in their respective classes. An audio visual presentation was played at 11.45 am to bring awareness on deforestation. This was followed by a terrace gardening program, for which students brought plants like Hibiscus, Vinca, Cactus and few medicinal plants.  They were acknowledged for their contribution.DSC_0099

The next event was a plantation programme, held at the campus. Students were accompanied by the Vice Principal Dr. Fr. Biju K.C, Prof. Eden Joseph, faculty from Biology and other departments in planting saplings of Neem, Goose berry, Mahogany etc.IMG_5117

This was followed by a class campaign to spread awareness on the ill effects of soft drinks and health benefits of tender coconut.

Bookmarks were distributed to all the classes adhering to the theme.  Department of Biology also took students on a bare foot walk within the campus to experience a personal touch with nature.


Raksha Anand
II PCMB, F- Section



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