Creative Writing Competition

No words can be more befitting than that of Pablo Picasso’s, “Everything you can imagine is real,” when it’s about creativity and its necessity to our society. The 10th of June this year witnessed one such occasion when students imagined what they could do to better the reality.

Spectrum, the Social Science Association, had conducted a Creative Writing competition keeping in mind the intention of bringing​ out the best from the immense talents of Christites.

With around 30 imaginative minds, the room was filled with high spirits of enthusiasm to win and passion for art. Before the beginning of the competition, the participants relaxed and anxiously waited for the topic to be announced. While few wished their friends the best, the others ​began making wild-guesses regarding the topic.

At 11:00, when the topic, ‘If I Was The Mayor Of Bengaluru, What Initiatives Would I Have Taken?’ was finally announced, the participants breathed a sigh of relief and immediately employed their brains to create as many ideas about the topic as possible. While few were quite quick enough to grab their pens and let flow their brilliance on paper within the first few minutes, others were still busy in their imaginary world; gracefully knitting the threads of imagination and reality together in their own creative patterns. As the competition had expected no certain number of words, the participants would, surely, have had plenty to write only to be reminded of having just an hour of duration in their hands by the volunteers. It was just about being creative, as the title of the competition suggested but also of being equally practical, as the topic of the competition hinted.

As the one hour time duration neared the end, the end of the participants’ writing neared the beginning. When the time was actually up and they had finally submitted their writings, the second event of SSA was successfully concluded.








Prajwal B.M.



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