Sedes Minerva- The Quiz Club

Knowledge has a beginning, but no end”, as said by yoga guru, Geeta Iyengar, is the motto we at Sedes Minerva – the Quiz Club, stand by. Sedes Minerva hosts most of the quizzes at Christ Junior College, and they are based on a variety of themes ranging from science to entertainment. These competitions help to widen the students’ horizons and provide an incentive to them to become more knowledgeable with each passing day._DSC0165

On 16 June, 2017, the first General Quiz for the first years was conducted, and the response was overwhelming. The competition had approximately 54 teams comprising of  150+ students, taking part. There was a preliminary round and 6 teams had to be selected for the finals. A tie-breaker was done to select the top 6 teams.

Following the tradition at CJC of pursuing excellence in all endeavours, we are trying to be more diverse, by attempting to introduce new competitions that cater to the other interests of the hundreds of teenagers at CJC. We are brainstorming several ideas to combine education and recreation in order to make the students have an unforgettable experience while participating in the competitions, and at the same time, creating the yearn in them to participate in more and win many, as well. _DSC0183

Overall, Sedes Minerva has had a very optimistic and enthusiastic beginning indeed, and we hope to have the same success in all competitions that we will be organising through-out the year, while assisting the student population of CJC in their dream to prove to the world, that they are the best, by helping to hone their abundant erudition. 

Happy Quizzing :’)

– Drishti V. Baliga 

2 HEPP ‘N’

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