Sketching Competition

The 3rd of June, 2017, marked the first event conducted by SSA. In the immense amount of skill and potential amongst the students of Social Science, the talent of sketching was given the golden opportunity to explore. As the saying goes, “The ‘Earth’ without ‘Art’ is just ‘Eh’,” our students were given the challenge of sketching their flittering ideas into concrete art. A masterpiece.

The event was held in a class of 48 and it began at 11:45. Some of the students seemed edgy while the rest seemed to have a casual approach. The attendance was taken and the sheets were being passed. The class was filled with the usual buzz until the topic for the event was revealed. Once it was written on the board, some of the students looked slightly puzzled and many others looked intuitive. There were a few who were already sketching what their mind was building up for them. Thus started the vigour of pencils caressing the paper and erasers hiding the blemishes for the topic ‘Looking Out Of A Window’. All were aiming to be perfectionists.

The topic aimed at revealing that realm of every student where they could open the window of their own minds and draw what they saw or what they expected to see. Something very idealistic. While doing the rounds, most of the students drew village scenes and though it seemed very cliché, some of them were remarkable! From what was observed, there were only a handful of students who understood what the topic actually expected of them and their pencils did create masterpieces! It was surprising to see how the vivid imagination of the students was flowing out so well on paper! The students who were done sketching submitted their work and left while the others continued.

With a few minutes left for the event to be completed, a few of the students gritted their way through to do the finishing touches of their work and by 13:00 they were handing out their finished drawings.

The first event of SSA was conducted well with accuracy and the students seemed to have enjoyed their time while at it. Their participation was appreciated and we hope that there will be the same approach towards all other events conducted by SSA!





Romola Verghese


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