Review writing competition on kannada documentary – ‘Present Sir’

Prerana, the Language Association, organized a Review writing competition of an award winning kannada documentary ‘Present Sir’ on 27th May 2017 at 11.45 AM.

The documentary focused on the pitiable situation of today’s language medium government schools. It reflects on how the  society is being attracted towards private, english medium  schools, resulting in the death-knell of the language medium government schools.

The documentary has two lead roles- Siddu and his teacher. Siddu is an innocent boy well-versed with the art of doll making. He was weak in studies and loved making dolls all the time. The teacher selflessly strives to help students like Siddu to excel in studies. The teacher being an epitome of wisdom, did not just teach lessons rather put all his effort to instill good values in them and encouraged them to follow their dreams. But the parents, who never realized the quality of education and values their children received at the school, forcefully enrolled them to private schools. Due to which the attendance at school deteriorates. Finally, the number students in the school falls down to five. As a result of which, the school receives an order from the government to shut down. The teacher feels very low for not succeeding in saving the school despite great struggle and feels helpless for those five financially poor students. Those five students had to now walk to far off schools in the neighboring villages. With a painful heart the teacher enters the classroom to take the class for one last time. At this point, Siddu, one of the five existing students realizes the tremendous efforts and feelings of his teacher and comes forward to support his teacher and stands beside him to keep the school running. He places all his dolls in the class with an intention of increasing the number of students in the class.  This uplifted and brought tears in the eyes of the teacher.








The Documentary screening event, witnessed large number of participants from all the streams. Many reviews were received and the best will be awarded shortly.

 Tejaswini. T

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