Talespin, spin your stories with our yarn.

The Pierian Spring created an encouraging space for writers amongst the second year students to showcase their competency in writing short stories with minimal preparedness. The participants were given a theme around which their writings were to be structured. “I looked in the mirror and realized where I went wrong”, this line formed the basic theme, and their stories were to end with this line and had to revolve around the genre of horror. The writers managed to display remarkable versatility in their thought and writing process.

As in any other competition, 3 stories that impressed the judges over all others were picked, and the winners of this event in order of their placement were:

1. Sharon Philip of II PCME-I
2. Parvathi Warrier of II PCMC-C
3. Aaisha Nehal of II PPES-O


                                                        -Advaith J



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