The science forum had organised a one-day workshop for skill development and productivity enhancement on Thursday, the 22nd of June, 2017, sponsored by the Coca Cola Private Limited, India and powered by AIESEC. The resourceful speakers on the board, for the day were- Mr. Saurav Goswami, founder and CEO of Skill Panther and the IIM alumnus; Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Sharma, Chief Communication Officer, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages and Mr. Parag Patankar, Social entrepreneur and former director at CISCO. The lively and exciting programme offered an insight on the current trends of career choices and advises on upgrading our abilities and saw a massive participation of the students from the Science and the Commerce streams.

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The first part of the session commenced by Mr. Saurav’s presentation on the topic of ‘Expert Economy’ and its need in today’s competitive world. Here, he stressed upon the point of pursuing excellence and being nothing less than perfect in our selected field of profession. He also discussed in-depth about how one needs to be careful in selecting one’s career and not just follow the crowd, but rather counsels us to weigh out its pros and cons, both at the present as well in the future, which he did make it more interesting by the use of many informative statistical graphs and colourful slides. Next was Mr. Kamlesh’s turn to motivate us, where he shared with us the demand and the recipe for innovation. Quoting on how the “last three years” of his schooling has helped in shaping him the way he is, he urged us to exploit our last golden years of college, to our fullest and to derive all the qualities we desire to implement in our near future. Speaking of innovations- he delivered a set of four major requisites for the same and for each, he gave many a real-time examples based on his company as well as other companies and organisations in the business world. Mr. Kamlesh spoke in detail on how innovation is incremental and requires constant effort and team work; how it calls for diversity, illustrating the fact that people with different ideas and mindsets can help to improve our overall and individual performance, if cooperated in a healthy way and thus highlighting the fact to embrace people’s individuality than to view this as a barrier to development. He also mentioned the fact that any innovation must only serve the purpose of being beneficial to the whole of mankind and nature and should never be a tool for irresponsible acts, stating few renowned cases of abuse of technology and inventions. The session ended with Mr. Parag’s fun-filled and enthusiastic interactions with the students along with various activities, shedding light on the importance of team work and how something can be viewed in different perspectives and yet still be correct.
The workshop was, thus, totally inspiring as well refreshing to the students. We hope that our valued students would implement these noble ideas and thoughts in their life and bring forth the change that they desire to experience.


2 PCMB ‘A’,

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