SCIENCE QU?Z- It’s time to tease your brain !

On Friday, the 30th of June, Sedes Minerva- the Quiz Club, hosted a General Science Quiz, open to students of all the 3 streams to participate in. It was the first quiz to be open to both second years and first years.

_DSC8814One might think the turnout would have been limited due to the questions being purely science based- however, there were 41 teams with 123 participants spread across all streams.


Nikhil, the quizmaster, who was an ex-student of Christ Juni_DSC8832or College and is now studying in Christ University conducted the quiz wonderfully, with super intriguing questions and in some cases, the answers were just as interesting as the questions. The atmosphere was bubbly and nervous, as the teams were eager to answer each question as best as possible, to reach the final. Although only 9 of the 41 teams qualified for the final round, when a non-finalist from Humanities was asked about her experience, she admitted to have immensely enjoyed the quiz.

So, Sedes Minerva stands proudly as a forum for people of all streams to come together, participate and have fun, while also stocking up on new information.

For all the passionate and avid quizzers out there Sedes Minerva -The Quiz Club is the right place to be :’)

– Mrudula Srivatsa and Drishti V Baliga


(Photo Credits:- Jatin Dalmia-2 CAME L)

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