I PUC Inauguration

“A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step”

On June 8th, nearly 3000 people took that first step, with the First PUC Inauguration taking place. We welcomed the new members of the Christite Family, the new Science admissions in the morning session and the new Social Sciences and Commerce admissions in the afternoon session.

RB 3.jpgRB 63.jpg

The introductory hymn and prayer, was followed by readings from the holy texts. Father Sebastian Mathai, Principal, Christ Junior College, addressed the new admissions , welcoming them to the family. He stressed on the holistic development of an individual, and the qualities expected of a Christite.

Father Thomas C Mathew, Vice Chancellor, Christ University then addressed the first years, and enlightened them on the balance of education and co curricular activities, and how important it is to exercise mind and body alike. He had many inspiring clips and videos of famous personalities having failed in life, but on never giving up have attained success.

RB 18.jpgRB 15.jpg

Next to follow was the felicitation of the toppers of Second PU Board Exam, with a huge round of applause for their remarkable performances. After which there was a quick briefing on the training programmes offered by our college.

The session ended  with a brilliant cultural performance by our college dance team. The students were then taken to their respective classes and the parents had an informative counselling session on how to bond with their teen.

Tejaswini Srihari



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