II PUC Inauguration

“The secret to getting ahead is to get started”

The II PUC Inauguration took place on the 15th of May, 2017. After more than two months of vacations, Christites were fresh and ready to begin the new academic year.

The lamp was lit by the Heads of various departments, starting our assembly, which was followed by the invocation hymn sang by the choir. An introductory prayer by Reverend Father Biju K C, our vice principal, and scriptures from all the holy texts gave a moral beginning to the first assembly of the new academic year.

Father Sebastian Mathai, our Principal, then addressed the gathering, highlighting the academic performance of the I and II PU batches, appreciating the toppers of respective streams. A very special achievement was that of Charithra from II PPES O, who obtained state rank 2 for the Social Sciences stream. Our work was cut out for us, with Father stressing the importance of a good performance, and a good and necessary balance between co-curricular activities and academics.

Next in schedule and the most awaited part of the assembly was the felicitation of the I PU exam toppers.  Class toppers, subject toppers and stream toppers were felicitated with a certificate and a cash reward.  Each announcement met a roar of applause and appreciation. This was followed by an amazing performance by the CJC Dance Team, always consistent with their awe striking performances.

The College anthem concluded the Assembly, and the first day of II PU began.

Tejaswini Srihari



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