Inaugration of Spectrum

The 21st of June 2017 marked the day of the much awaited inauguration of the Clubs and Associations at Christ Junior College. SSA was ready to capture the attention and the interests of the undecided first years. During the swearing in ceremony, the President of Spectrum, Ms. Hannah Khan from 2 HESP M, confidently accepted the sash donned on her which actually symbolised she being ready to take up the responsibilities as the President of Spectrum and lead the association to never-ending heights. The vows were then taken and the Presidents of each club and association were called on stage to throw a light on their clubs and associations and to specify what exactly would make the time there worth it. Our President walked up the stage and began her speech by directly addressing the Christites thus gaining everybody’s attention. She started off with a quote and her address commanded attention. She highlighted a lot of important and well-known points, including holistic development. Her speech lasted for about 2 to 3 minutes and she struck the chord when she said, “The world is a canvas of our imagination.”


Opening such a creative and intuitive platform to the students was perfectly put across! Thus, SSA officially opened its doors for more participants, more volunteers and more mind-blowing outputs from a set of another many brilliant minds! We hope to see how the year turns out!

Romola Verghese

(2 PPES O)

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