Craft Making Competition

Spectrum held yet another competition to challenge the creative juices of the students of Social Science at CJC on what they could make of 3 sheets of coloured paper that would symbolise ‘The intersection of Happiness and Creativity’. The event was held on the 1st of July with a total of 58 eager participants. They each were provided with 3 sheets of coloured paper; white, yellow and pink. Once the topic was unleashed, many of them were surprised at how abstract it was but nevertheless began grinding their brains to come up with something that would very well describe how happiness and creativity intersected for them. The event began at 12:30 and each of them were busy cutting, pasting, sticking and crafting. It was a sight to see! An array of different ideas were coming into full display! Many of the students asked for more sheets of paper and the time seemed to be passing really quickly! Most of the students worked their magic to make butterflies, bouquets and single flowers.

Some of them crafted baskets, shopping bags, bows and the like. The colours used gave very calm and pretty vibes. A few used the white sheets to make the clichéd boats. The 1st years had creative ideas as well and the 2nd years were more in number this time.

The competition finally ended at 13:30 with all their crafty handiwork placed atop the centre table. The output was really good! Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun in this competition with themselves being surprised at the amazing stuff they could craft! Thus Spectrum’s 6th competition came to a successful end.







Romola Verghese

(2 PPES O)

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