We belong to a country which is very reluctant and ignorant about the current environmental crisis. The movie Bahubali released or not is of more concern to us than our environmental problems.  Walking down the lanes of Kalasipalya or KR market, we notice people rushing past, pretending to have not seen the huge heap of garbage and intolerable foul smell.  Probably if we are reminded that it leads to deadly diseases like Dengue or Ebola, we might give it a thought.

Point being why do we need a life threatening disease or a Prime minister’s campaign to remind us to keep our surroundings clean ?

As long as we treat garbage disposal is the responsibility of BBMP, “Bhaarat is never going to be swachh”.  As Gandhiji once rightly said and I quote”cleanliness is next to godliness.”  Its time we be the change we want to see around. Be our own motivator. Be clean and keep your surroundings clean. For a start we can begin from our home, our school, the bus we travel in, or from our office desk. Its high time to stop depending on authorities to do the chores. Make a start after all “Cleanliness begins at home”

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