Sinchana – The Theatre Workshop

The language association- Prerana, began a Kannada theatre workshop named Sinchana on 24th June 2017. A team from this workshop will be participating in Darpan, a theatre festival being organized by Christ University on 19th of July 2017. Students from both 1st and 2nd PUC, having passion towards theatrics are actively participating and thereby enhancing their skills in acting and other theatric activities.
Here is the review written by Monica. B.M. of 1 PCMB D about her delightful experience in the theatre workshop so far.

Sinchana is a nurturing ground for all the budding artists. We are very much fortunate to be a part of this workshop. It is an honor for us to be trained by Mr. Srinidhi, a renowned artist who has participated in many national level competitions and have won ‘The best Director’ award in a state level competition. Here we don’t just learn acting. Apart from acting we learn theatre discipline, respect towards fellow beings and several useful values for life. Personally, I’ve had many physical, mental and spiritual changes within myself in such a short span of time. Our trainer Mr. Srinidhi provides constant guidance and support by making us absorb the characters, emotions and the intensity of the situation. He keeps an eye on every minute aspect and ensures that there is perfection and the play is complete in all aspects.


The knowledge that we gain from this workshop will be treasured throughout our life.  In conclusion, I would like to thank the Prerana association for its constant efforts in organizing this workshop.”


– Monika. B.M.
– Hemanth. V.

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