Saturday, the 8th of July 2017, saw an interactive session named‘Kavi-Kavya-Manthana’, organised by Prerana- the Language Association. Ms Sahana L., an avid writer and an ex-Christite, was the speaker for the session. She is the winner of national award and has bagged the first place in the international short story competition, based on a social issue. Throughout the session, Ms. Sahana shared her thoughts and gave a lot of tips to the students interested in literature and writing to enhance their writing skills.

At first, she recalled her fruitful memories of two years in Christ Junior College. She gave a gist of her delightful experience in the Prerana association, theatrics, poetry and other activities. Then she gave an account of how she dedicated two hours each day for writing and the efforts she used to put to balance her academics and her passion hand in hand. She suggested the budding writers to practise the same and dedicate some time every day in order to improve their writing skills.

Drawing on her own experience, Ms Sahana advised the young writers to abide by the motto of, “Observe and listen”. She justified it by saying that observing and listening provides immense knowledge, inspiration and ideas. She also advised students not to be judgemental, as being prejudiced will limit the freedom of thinking and writing and will unknowingly prove to be great hindrance for our writing.

After the speech, the students were given an opportunity to raise questions. One student raised a question on‘negative critics’. Ms Sahana’s reply to this was the assurance many were looking for. She told bad and negative critics are never ending, and then trying to write better to impress people wasn’t the solution always, as constant rejections would just make way for frustration. She said that writing must be done to satisfy the writer’s passion and creativity- it should be for oneself and not to appease others.

Overall, it was an illuminating session. It proved to be extremely helpful and motivating to all.

-Drishti V. Baliga
-Pooja. H. R


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