Project Exhibit – TECH CLUB

Education does not determine one’s success, but his intelligence surely does.

The quadrangle of Christ Junior College always filled with subtle ambiance was filled with excitement and enthusiasm on the 13th and 14th of June.

It was an absolutely wonderful experience when the students of 1st PU got the opportunity to view and reflect upon the achievements of “Tech Club” – one of the clubs that preaches innovation, technology & intelligence, along with their interconnection. Tech Club organized an electronics project exhibit to showcase the awe inspiring talent of the 2nd PU students in building electronic and robotic projects from the scratch. The project aimed at explaining the principles on which various devices worked, with precision and detail including the real-life applications in artificial intelligence and the overall development of mankind. The numerous working models were both exciting and inspiring at the same time. a few interesting models included a smart mirror, water turbine, pulse generator and a CNC Agricultural machine. An app named ‘AnniNet’ was the highlight of the exhibition as it was developed by a student to provide comfort and care to ailing animals by connecting with the relevant NGOs. The ‘AgriBot’ or the ‘CNC Agricultural machine’ was developed to help the farmers by easing their workload and portrayed the scope of electronics in the field of agriculture and farming. These projects definitely added a touch of humanity to the exhibit. The projects were all educational and informational. And so the grandeur of the event came to an end giving us  an insight to the fun-tastic future of technology.




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