Terrace Gardening

“Planting a tree can be equivalent to saving a life”

Our club upholds the motto of making our environment a better place to live in. The new class of Christ Junior College was a part of the first eco club activity which was held on 8th of July 2017. The students assembled in Biology lab-1 and then were led to the terrace where they collected the tools, saplings, pots and other essential materials for plantation.

IMG_20170708_125124 They then collected fertilizers and other requirements needed for the nourishment of the plants from the ground and were guided back to the terrace to place the plants and water them. The students actively participated and showed great enthusiasm towards the program which made it a successful one.
Greener environment leads to a happier development. Hence we stand by the motto “see green, see life”.




Aashna Thakker

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