Haste from Waste

Just like charity begins at home, even cleanliness begins at home. Before we talk about all popular stuff like  Swacch   Bharat Abhiyaan ,we need to think of cleanliness at home. When we talk of cleanliness  , the first thing that comes to our mind is waste management. Bangalore generates around 5000 tonnes of garbage everyday .It was not  very long ago that Bangalore’s  sobriquet Garden city nearly came to be replaced with Garbage city. Instead of always blaming the government we need to do something to resolve this problem.

As a part of the Eco club activity, students from various classes  learnt about organic waste recycling .They were introduced to a recycling equipment consisting of terracotta pots also known as kambha  along with coconut fibre ,bacterial spores ,neem powder etc. The equipment costs approximately  Rs 2000- Rs 3000 . Kitchen waste like vegetable  and fruit peel, left over  coriander etc can be used  to generate manure. The entire recycling procedure was demonstrated to the students . The students also took the responsibility to carry out the recycling  procedure in college. The end product is organic manure which is a very good fertilizer. Nowadays , chemical fertilizers are extensively used in the production of food crops which leads to various health hazards. Organic manure  is a great solution to this problem as it can be used to grow crops at home itself.


Overall , it was a great experience learning the art of waste management  which is not just useful  now, but also in the future.

Taiyab Mahmood



About Taiyab Mahmood

A passionate writer and poet who aims to influence lives with his writings.
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