Meme Quiz!

On Saturday, the 29th of July, 2017, Christ Junior College had its first Meme Quiz organised by Sedes Minerva- the Quiz Club. A student-initiative, the quiz was conducted by Mrudula Srivatsa of 2 HEPP ‘N’.

With over 41 teams comprising of 123 highly spirited participants and an electric ambience, the greatly awaited Meme Quiz began, at long last. The preliminary round consisting of 15 questions, was of moderate difficulty. Joyful shouts and a few mournful groans rent the air when the answers were revealed. 6 teams made their way to the finals which had 3 rounds- a General Round, ‘Name the Meme’ and a round of ‘What is the origin of the meme?’, which had 6 MCQs.

The Meme Quiz garnered a plethora of optimistic reviews and the young Memelords of CJC, sure did enjoy competing against each other. The quiz also provided the students with a much needed break and whether winners or not, quite few happy faces went home that day.

All in all, the Meme Quiz proved to be the grand success the students had anticipated it to be, and we are pretty certain that the participants had as much fun participating in the quiz, as did the creators, while creating it. May meme quizzes be conducted each year, henceforth!

Happy Quizzing!

-Drishti V. Baliga


(Photo Credits-Aayush Naik)

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