Creative Writing Competition

The Creative Writing competition held by Spectrum was conducted on the 19th of August for the 1st years of CJC. A total of 29 students participated. ‘If I was the mayor of Bengaluru, what changes I would make’ was the topic given to the students. The 2nd years had been given the same topic as well. After the sheets were passed and registrations were over with, the event began from 11:50. Students immediately began pouring in their ideas onto paper in the form of essays and poems. All seemed to be very pensive and intuitive by putting their feet into the shoes of a mayor and thinking of all the possible ways to make a better Bengaluru.




Students kept filing in even after the commencement of the competition and the event ended at 12:45. Everyone seemed to have unique ways of dealing with the improvement what with the words-filled sheets. Thus, the 9th event of Spectrum ended successfully.

Romola Verghese

(2 PPES O)

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