19th August 2017,the day which witnessed great entrepreneurs at Christ junior college battle and fight it out to remain one step ahead among the others in their ideas,entrepreneurial skills and negotiation skills.

Product launch,the much awaited and exciting event of Colossus saw great ideas from the future entrepreneurs from both 1st P.U and 2nd P.U students.This event provided an opportunity for students to think out of the box and produce something which no one would have ever dreamt of.Along with the idea,the students were also judged upon their product finance ,marketing strategies along with their presentation skills.Students were also tested on how well they could  handle stress during the rebuttal round.Those who could defend their idea and their product well made it through and topped the chart.

This year from both 1st and 2nd P.U there were various products in the field of renewable energy,agriculture,defense,pollution control devices etc….But only the best among the rest were selected for the final round and in the end it narrowed down to how well the teams presented,backed and defended their idea.Finally the ideas which achieved glory and success among the rest were:-

1st P.U:-

First place:-Templiq                  Second place:-Matricity

Third place:-Light ark and E-chos

2nd P.U

First place:-Defensuit               Second place:-Backyard bud

Third place:-Photo voltaic Energy system and Chargathon




Article by- Vaibhav Jain(2 CAME-L)


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