Name of the village – Halisanakaipura, Hoskote district.

Name of the host- Mrs Shakuntala

They started the Chetana Child Focus Community Development (CDFC). The project started in the survey period of 6 months. There were 80 villages out of which 15 were selected, 14 accepted the CSA and 1 did not.


  • Children education
  • Children nutrition
  • Health and hygiene
  • Income generation
  • Self-help groups

They started growing fruits/vegetables in the village. They started water sharing program for lands which did not work. For 7 years (15 /30 days) CSA had awareness programs.The people later accepted the ICDS (organisation) after a long time, they made it aware that the people in the village had to grow and consume. The children who were born in the village, out of 30 only 4 to 5 were normal, later, these 24 to 25 came down to 3 to 4 in every village this improved as CSA took care of the growth and distribution from 2003 -2010. Every family had one and half an acre in which ½ acre was used for cultivation.


They had schools from 1st to 5th grade. In each family, only 5 children could study. CSA provided stationary to each and every child and awareness programs conducted for parents about the importance of education and tried convincing them. Children went to school and then came home played, worked, etc. They also had singing, dancing classes from 5-8 pm, later, children went to other villages and got prizes.


Due to increase in diseases which turned out to be very dangerous for the villagers and the young kids; they had no money for a hospital’s visit. 7th and 8th girls were trained so that they could provide first aid to the villagers like dog bites, fever, etc. primary health care centres for pregnant ladies (treatment). They started a scheme named ASHA.


WOMEN GROUP – The women in the village had meetings and started saving money. The SANGAS helped a lot, they had 60 groups of 760 people who had 1 crore 60 lakh as their savings, when people wanted money it was given at 2% interest to welfare group, 85 lakh was the interest. Women and community development were started. The government did not help them but wanted invitation when villagers were awarded.

We were taken to houses and a school where we got an opportunity to spend time with the children and their families. Later, we were provided with lunch. Thanks to Christ Junior College for giving us an opportunity and also the people who lived in the village. Wishing them all the very best for their future.


2 HESP – M

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