The Science Week

The good thing about Science is that it’s true whether you believe it or not. Aiming to spread this message, the Science Forum hosted the Science Week during the last week of August. With every lunch hour brimming with scientific mettle the whole week, CJC witnessed a massively enthusiastic participation, that led to its enormous success.

The Science Week began with Mathematics Day on August 21. The department organised various events like Find Me, Math Quiz and Dumb Charades, where students participated to the best of their potential, while charts were displayed in the quadrangle showcasing the contributions of mathematicians. Find Me was the highlight of the day where students ran to find the answers from the charts displayed. The department had also organised a seminar named Guided Tour of Mathematics, where students gave presentations and were also were acquainted with the knowledge and importance of the subject itself. Participants of the Rubik’s Cube challenge enthralled the audience with their skills and Sudoku puzzles witnessed a huge participation from students. Mathematics day marked a good beginning of week.

August 22 was dedicated exclusively for Chemistry to highlight the importance of the subject in our lives. Various activities were conducted by the department to promote the spirit of research and scientific approach. New Frontiers of Science was the workshop organised for II PU students where various career opportunities in pure sciences were highlighted. Speakers from Biocon and Polymer Institute were invited to enlighten students to discuss about possible future careers. Synthesize a Compound was conducted for II PU students during the last hour, where they were challenged to create an organic compound using inorganic substances, with the aim of strengthening their conceptual clarity. The quadrangle witnessed a splendour of Chemistry through the experiments by the I PU students during the lunch break. Periodic Table Scrabble witnessed a huge participation which showcased the enthusiasm amongst students, who wished to learn with fun. Chemistry Day gave a new dimension for Christites to manifest wisdom and build scientific temperament.

Physics is not something that only knowledgeable scientists think about because it coincides with our everyday life. Physics is considered to be a powerful lens that helps people view today’s world. To reflect on how much Physics helps us in our daily lives, August 23 was marked as Physics Day. The department organized various competitions. Every phenomenon around us involves a deal of Physics; the Why of Physics was one such competition where students had to guess the physics behind the seventeen demonstrations in the quadrangle during the lunch hour and it witnessed a massive participation not only by Science, but Commerce and Humanities students as well. Spot and Talk was the Physics dumb charades conducted in one of the labs, while the other lab hosted Physicstoons, a cartooning competition where students displayed their sketching skills on Physics topics. Rapid fire quiz was also conducted in the quadrangle which saw students taking part with lot of enthusiasm. The activities conducted on this day provided students to have an obsession for general Science knowledge and the applications of Physics in everyday life. Physics Day gave a new opportunity to explore talents and channelize skills.

Biology Day was celebrated on 24 August, which began at 8:30 AM with the playing of a video that displayed the relationship between life and technology. At 11:45 AM, there were interactive displays on medicinal plants, sericulture, apiculture and the human skeletal system. There were also team events such as Mr. Bone Scavenger Hunt and Super Scientist that tested students critical thinking, teamwork and basic knowledge in Science. There was a rapid fire round in the quadrangle. There was also an event called Corporis Tricks which allowed each student to show their knowledge about the human body. Each of the events saw immense participation from the students with more than 20 teams participating in each of the team events. Biology Day enabled students to involve themselves in Science and evolve their thinking.

Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world and the credit of the progress goes to electronics. To celebrate technological innovation, the department of Electronics celebrated Electronics Day on 24 August. Various events were held on this day to encourage students to unleash their skills. Codethon was the coding event which had a participation of more than 100 students and Circuit Hunt, which was a mind-gruelling and adventurous event, had students constructing circuits. The quadrangle was filled with enthusiastic students taking part in the Rapid Fire Quiz. Over all, this day gave a new impetus to creative thinking and developed a technological attitude among all students.

The Project Day held on 26 August 2017 in the quadrangle witnessed an array of spectacular and intriguing projects that also marked the end of a celebration of a week long dynamic Science Fest that involved participation from students of all streams. The projects included were from the Department of Physics, Electronics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. The day witnessed enthusiastic participation from the students in exhibiting their projects that were in the path of revolutionizing Science in its entirety. It took hours of research and weeks of writing reports to finally fixing the puzzles together on the Big Day. The projects included PowerPoint presentations, working models and different studies conducted by the students themselves. There were a total of 31 projects on display, 3 from Physics, 7 from Electronics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics each. The projects enthralled the judges who included Professors from Jain University and Vijaya College for Physics and Electronics and Professors from Christ University for the rest of the subjects. The projects on display were all in hopes of bringing a better tomorrow for the ailing, the poor, the curious and also in bringing about awareness concerning several perils that were still unknown to many. If we stopped with what we already had, Science has no vision. And it is in these small steps, lies the journey of a thousand miles.



Mariam Jaza, 2A
Sandhya Reddy, 2D
Irene Sara, 2B
Nikithaa Paarakh, 2B

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