Business summit-Clash of Business Models……

“The best way you can make in negotiation is to think of an incentive  the other person hasn’t even thought of-and then meet it..”

-Eli Broad

Business models,presentations,policies and negotiations…..this is what is in store at the Business summit v2.0 .To get the right deal or make one you need to always remain one step ahead of your competitors and this is what would be tested at this model summit hosted by Christ Junior College on the 8th of November 2017.

Business summit an annual inter collegiate commerce event  is one of its unique platform which nourishes the entrepreneurial skills of the participants by providing them into an insight into various sectors,companies,state policies and negotiations.Testing the research and presentation skills of the students this event provides a model experience as to how states and companies negotiate for investments into various sectors.

The state with the most favorable policy and the company with the best development model wins the deal….and gets the investment.

Hope to see maximum participation and make this event a grand success!!

Article by:-

Vaibhav Jain(2 CAME-L)

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