Someone once said “The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation”. With these two key factors in mind, Bridge It, another much awaited event at Magna Christa 2017, kick started with much zeal and enthusiasm.

The first round saw all 8 teams undertake a written test on logic based questions, at the end of which 2 teams were eliminated.

The real challenge lay in round two, where teams were expected to construct a bridge using only the equipments provided to them. They were given two hours and supplied with ice cream sticks, fevicol, scissors, tape, rubber bands and other paraphernalia for the same. It was absolutely incredible watching teams put on their thinking caps, as they envisioned the manner in which they would turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

This event really threw light on the creative and imaginative side of each individual and portrayed their ability to think on their feet. Overall, it pushed them to their innovative limits and this in turn, led to great results!

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