A much awaited event at Magna Christa 2017, ‘Cadaverous’ aimed at throwing light on the instinctive and practical thinking skills of participants. With a total of 12 teams participating, the first round saw all teams compete in a pen and paper round, designed to reflect their logical reasoning skills and problem solving techniques.

It was when Round 2 began, that the participants got a glimpse of what we really had in store for them. With the CJC bio lab remodelled to portray a living room where a crime scene was set up, Round 2 kickstarted with a whole lot of suspense, enigma and excitement.

After being given a 2 minute case analysis, each team was given 8 minutes to inspect the crime scene, have a look around and go through the victims’s belongings and other articles to pick up as many clues as they could in order to identify the murderer accurately. This was followed by a 12 minute interrogation session, where teams could question and interrogate the potential suspects for the crime, in order to draw up a conclusion. They were then given 2 minutes to bring together all their evidence and come forward with a final response as to who committed the murder.

By the end of the round, all teams were buzzing with anticipation and suspense after having exhausted the inner detectives within themselves.

All in all, this event proved to be a great stage for participants to showcase their ability to read between the lines and really pushed them to their analytical extremes!

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