The last event held by Spectrum for the academic year 2017-2018 was welcomed by a huge amount of participation. The event ‘CLUE’ was a team event; a team of 2. There were 29 teams in total. The event began by 12:00 with a lot of anticipation and excitement from the participants. They were clueless on what they would be tested for and the competition they would face. CLUE had 3 rounds. The first round was about guessing logos, dialogues, taglines, emblems and flags. All the teams were given a sheet where they had to answer to 15 questions. There were a lot of expressions of recognition and excitement from the participants on seeing the questions.

Only 6 teams qualified for round 2 which was about personalities. There were 18 questions in round 2 and there were a lot of audio clips to add to the existing anticipation. In round 2, the rule of ‘Pounces’ came into play. A question was posed to one particular team who had 30 seconds to answer. Any other team who was able to guess the answer could answer within 20 seconds. If the other teams answered it right, they were awarded 5 points. If the team who the question was directed to got it right, they were awarded 10 points. If the answer was wrong, 5 points were deducted. Only 4 teams qualified for the final round; the 3rd round. In round 3, there were 12 questions that were posed. All the questions consisted of 4 pictures which were related. By putting together the meaning of the pictures, the teams had to guess which movie or show or book it could be. The rule of Pounces was used here too.

The event finally ended at 13:15 with 3 winning teams. CLUE ended very well and so did Spectrum’s events. This entire year of Spectrum’s activities focused on accomplishing all its aims and objectives and we believe we have been successful.

Romola Verghese

(2 PPES O)

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