Pick and Speak Competition

Spectrum has become synonymous with conducting activities and competitions that are known to help students focus much on their creative abilities and general knowledge. On the 10th of November this year, the association had conducted one such competition that provided students an opportunity to exhibit their on-the-spot decision making skills and creative ideas.

Pick and Speak competition was conducted and according to the rules of the competition, each student had to pick a chit from the given bowl and would be given the time limit of five minutes to speak about the topic written in the chosen chit. The topics were mostly related to current affairs, historical events, general grievances of the public, etc. Each student had five minutes to prepare for his/her speech before their turn. These five minutes seemed the most precious minutes of the day. The assessment of the competition was done based on a few judging criteria such as the students’ ability to understand the topic, to speak within the scope of the topic and to be as original in thinking as possible.

By providing similar opportunities and platforms such as this, we have reached one more milestone in enabling the holistic development of the students.

Prajwal B.M.

(2 HEPP N)

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