Trekking 2017

The Eco club organized a trekking event for the students of Christ junior college on 11th November 2017 at falcon adventure academy, a beautiful destination located 40kms from Bangalore.
Around 80 odd students appeared on the 11th of November fully energized and anxious .On arrival at the academy we were given instructions about the rules and regulations to be followed while trekking.
No sooner did we set out on a long walk to the hill with the help of 6 guides on the way , we obtained information on biological plants , this also helped us with our practical knowledge .
Climbing the hill was no easy task , as each student was trying to keep pace with each other but their hard work didn’t go to waste as reaching the peak of the hill resulted in the most spectacular view .
The descend turned out to be more chalenging than the ascend as we had to make our way through caves which contained bats and also was not well lit which initially turned out to be pitch dark .
The students had to crawl through caves which eventually every student enjoyed. Later that day we also experienced rappelling which was something very exciting and adventurous.
We thank The Eco club of CJC for giving us this opportunity to experience nature.


Tushar Madhu – 1 PCMB SECTION-A
Sahana J Gowda – 1PCMB SECTION-A

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