Robofest 2017

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic


The International Robotic Competition – ROBOFEST 2017 was conducted in our college on the 9th of December. This fest which had laid its foundation in our college last year has considerably expanded this year from previously having around 42 participating teams to around 100 teams participating this time. The fest was conducted in our college by Novatech Robo in collaboration with Lawrence Technological University, Michigan, USA.The competition hosted events such as Bottle wrestling, Swacch Bharat game for both senior and junior categories. Other than these competitions there was a display of robotic advancements on the pathway of our college.

There was an exhibition of projects such as automated ambulances, smart mirrors, drones etc. It was these inanimate flying objects formally known as the DRONES that gathered a large and completely enthralled audience. Many schools, as well as colleges, visited these stalls exhibiting excellent projects. There were also lectures held by esteemed guests who educated the college students on the technological advancements and their researchers. The events which marked their beginning at 11:30 on Saturday morning concluded with a formal valedictory function at evening. Our chief guest for the day Professor Benny Sebastian, HOD of Electronics, Christ University along with our other honored guests addressed the gathering with a few words of encouragement and wisdom. The curtains fell with awarding the winners of all the wonderful events that were conducted. Overall, as the quote goes “A hard beginning maketh a good ending ” the program was successful and the results came out with flying colours.



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