Sedes Minerva – General Quiz 2018 (Exclusively for 2nd PUC)

The first general quiz exclusively for 2nd PU was held on the 18th of May 2018 which was hosted by Neha Shetty, the student Coordinator of Sedes Minerva. The competition comprised over 50 enthusiastic quizzers and was divided into teams consisting of 3. There was a preliminary round and 6 teams made it to the finals.

The quiz started off with the quizmaster displaying around 20 questions for which answers had to be written down. The teams were eager to answer each question in order to make it to the finals. It was an inquisitive and nervous atmosphere as the questions asked were quite intriguing but this didn’t let down the spirits of the participants.  The finals ended with a tie breaker between two teams competing for the 3rd place for which Mr. Arun Sir (Teacher Coordinator of Sedes Minerva)  being the Pink Floyd fanatic dropped in a question which left the participants awestruck and could answer only half the question and eventually ended with both the teams sharing the title.

All in all Sedes Minerva has had a very optimistic and enthusiastic beginning indeed. As said by Aristotle “What’s well begun is half done” is what the first quiz achieved and we hope to have the same success in all competitions that we will be organising through-out the year. When one of the winners was asked about her experience she admitted to have immensely enjoyed it. She says “As the first quiz of the year, the event was truly a success. The questions were diverse, difficult yet were all from events around us. The team and the quizmaster were interactive and helpful. The atmosphere had a vibe of excitement. Overall, it was a fun event but most importantly taught us all something new”.

With a good head start Sedes Minerva strives to bring many more exhilarating quizzes.

Happy Quizzing!


Winners of General Quiz

1st Place – Soumya Joshi (2 HEPP N)

Rohini Dikshit (2 HEPP N)

Yashaswini Hareesh (2 HEPP N)

2nd Place – Tanay Agarwal (2 CAMS K)

Ankith Nukul (2 CAMS K)

Amruth CS (2 CAMS K)

3rd Place – Ashutosh Aryan Behara (2 PCMBA)

Wajahath Ali Khan (2 PCMB A)

Amruth CS (2 PCMB A)

Vijith Raghavendra (2 CAME L)

Sumukh B Ram ( 2 CAME L)

Sidhanth T ( 2 CAMS J)

               –  AKHILA.P 

                  2 HEPP N

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