New beginnings!


The science forum welcomed the start of a fresh academic year by conducting an interesting series of activities in order to select its core committee for the upcoming year. The students opting for a place in this prestigious committee assembled in one of the classrooms on 18th May, and the selection process began with the students being split into teams of 5. The various activities that were conducted aimed at testing the all-round skills of students, from their communication to their spirit of teamwork; their creativity to their crisis management skills and thus ensured that the unique talents in every individual were brought out through one activity or the other. After much consideration by the teachers and previous members of the committee, around 18 students were shortlisted and were individually interviewed, in order to enable them to choose the right people who matched the criteria for the various posts in the forum. In this manner, the core committee and other committees of the Science forum were formed and are all set to take up the challenge of creating another successful and memorable year for the forum!

-Aliyah K


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