Service Launch 2k18

The commerce forum – Colossus held it’s very first event i.e ‘Service Launch’ on May 26. The event was held exclusively for 2nd PUC students. It was a thrilling event with a new experience for the students.

The participants had gathered in one of the rooms and were preparing intensely for the competition. Teams of 4 or 5 students were entitled with a task to bring up a new service or improve an already existing service. Along with it’s description, they were also required to provide a detailed explanation of their finance, marketing strategies and SWOT analysis to the judges. In order to get the glimpse of the entire service, the judges informed the  students to make a video, print ad or a radio jingle. Each team presented their service explicitly. But after every presentation the judges interrogated about the feasibility of the service. After a lot of hustle the judges winded up the event by giving valuable feedback to all the teams. The results were declared the day after and was duly informed to all the participants. The results were :

1. ABEONA – Pranav and team – II J.

2. ACQUITALE – Ankit and team – II K.

3. NAMMA METRO – Sidhanth and team – II J.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for participating.

– Gautam Rathi : II J

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