Indeed a great start….

The inauguration of the Association of Christian Christites (ACC) for the academic year 2018-2019 was held on 23 June 2018.The chief dignitary of the day was Fr. Cyriac Madathil CMI who served as the CMI coordinator of USA and Canada, then was the Principal of Christ College, Pune. The other dignitaries present were Fr. Sebastian Mathai, our Principal, Mr. Jerin Jose, Ms. Ashika Alex and Ms. Sandra Simon, coordinators of ACC.

This years theme “Metonia” meaning ‘to change one’s way of life’ was made official. The ceremony commenced with a prayer dance by the ACC dance team. This was then followed by the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries.

The coordinator of ACC, Mr. Jerin Jose welcomed the gathering with genial words of welcome. This was followed by Fr. Cyriac Madathil addressing the students on being assertive. His words were stirring and sublime

Fr. Sebastian Mathai in his inaugural address talked about the importance of christian students being role models for their fellow students and  growing up to be good Christians in the future. The activities held in ACC and its role in improving the students spiritual and mental health was elucidated by Ms. Ashika Alex

The inaugural ceremony proceeded with the oath taking of the office bearers and class representatives for the year 2018-2019 with Felcy Francis as the President, Abhishek Tommy as the Vice President, Joice Ann Mathew as the Secretary. The oath taking was administered by Enok Panadan, the Former President of ACC.

The Audio-Visual team performed a play which gave impetus to everyone on facing life without being side tracked by sinful ways of life. The Mime team presented a heart warming hand mime, which illustrated how every person is cared for by God, the Father.

The program continued with Mr. Livin Varghese‘s talk about the worldly challenges we face today as a christian and the importance of young minds dreaming and striving to achieve those dreams. The topics he spoke about were all relevant and his inspiring words motivated us to deal with them zealously. This was followed by a praise and worship session led by Kunal Sengupta and Sylvi Andrat. The inauguration ended with a couple of action songs by the ACC choir. All thanks to the Almighty for gifting us with a wonderful day as this.











Aleena Johnson


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