It’s Coming Home! – FIFA WORLD CUP QUIZ

One of the most awaited and highly anticipated quiz, the FIFA Quiz, was conducted on the 7th of July 2018 in Room No.108. The quiz was co-hosted by Marvin Paul and Vineeth Prasad of 2 N.  There was a huge turnout with over more than 200 participants (3 in a team) as it was the first quiz where both the seniors and juniors competed on an equal platform. Surprisingly there was only one vivacious girl team who although didn’t make it to the finals were content to be a part of it and learnt something new.

The prelims consisted of 15 questions for which answers had to be written down. The questions had a good mix of historical facts and current news of the FIFA World Cup. It was startling to see one team emerging with 14.5 points in the prelims! Although the finals were quite nerve racking it didn’t let down the spirits of the top 7 qualifiers who skillfully tried answering most of the questions. The finals consisted mostly of visuals and video clips for which detailed observations was needed.

There was a range of mixed emotions from the participants who waited with baited breath for the final results. Football fanatics of 2 CAME L- Krishna, Syed and Omkar bagged the title and were the winners of the FIFA WORLD CUP QUIZ.

The participants seemed to have enjoyed the quiz thoroughly as they were able to enhance their knowledge through the questions asked.

Happy Quizzing!

Winners of FIFA World Cup Quiz 2018:

1st Place –  Krishna Jaisimha ( 2 CAME L)

                    Syed Saad (2 CAME L)

                    Omkar Nagarhalli (2 CAME L)

2nd Place – Divy Jain (2 PCME I )

                     Shabrinath M (2 PCME I)

3rd Place – Bhairav Reddy (1 HESP M)

                    Azin George (1 HESP M)

                   Ashray Nambiar (1 HESP M)







  2 HEPP N


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