MockStock – The Stock Market of Christ!

“One of the funny things about stock market is that every time a person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute.”- William Feather.

The MockStock event of Christ Junior College was organized to give a glimpse to the commerce students about the stock market. The fluctuations in the price of the shares, the innumerable transactions, the chaos in the market – were all depicted in the MockStock event which was conducted on 7th July. It was organized by the students of Christ University to guide their juniors into such a platform.

The event witnessed participation from 53 teams. A preliminary round of stock market quiz was conducted to choose the top 15 teams. The teams had to submit an initial portfolio indicating their initial investments in various shares. The event comprised of two terminals – share terminal and cash terminal. It had five trading sessions for the teams to involve in the trading activity. After every trade it was mandatory for the team to authorize the transaction with both the terminals. The fluctuations in the share price of all the companies happened every 2-3 minutes and the news regarding the company’s progress in the market was displayed after every trading session. At the end, the teams were required to send a final portfolio, comprising of their net shares in various companies and their net cash balance. It was an event of skill and luck. Based on the Accounting and the Net Asset Value of the team the final results were declared. It is:

1) Aditi, Mansi, Aditi – 2J
2) Pranav, Kush, Satvik – 2J
3) Chetan, Harsha, Nikhil – 2K

Congratulations to all the Winners and thank you all for participating actively. Looking forward for more participation in upcoming events.

-Gautam Rathi: II J.

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