Etch your Sketch

“Sketching is a continuing source of learning rather than a string of performances”

– Paul Laseau

Rising from the haze of pencil lead, we began with the first event of Spectrum on 1st of June. This event was conducted only for the 2nd years as the 1st years were still completing their orientation process. As I sat there writing the report students around me were grasping at broken threads for inspiration to create an art piece for the topic “Blowing in the wind”. There were 30 students, who sat in the room sketching their hearts out, wanting to win this competition for their class. The topic, as vague as it was, had so many different interpretations from the 30 students. As I took a walk around the class, I could visualize their thoughts and see their beautiful works on the way to perfection. There were a variety of pieces ranging from sketches of nature to bubbles and even music!

– Rhea Ganesh


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