Great leaders make the best team.

The ACC is basically a team that ensures the social and spiritual upbringing of everybody around us. We come up with challenging missions to make the world a better place. Therefore, the team needs enthusiastic leaders so that everything we have aimed for may be fulfilled. And that is why we boast about the LTP (Leadership Training Programme).

This year, it was organised on the 7th and 8th of July. The ACC class representatives and the office bearers were asked to attend the programme. The students remained in theĀ campus after college hours. It started at 2.00 pm and from then, all the fun began. The programme is particularly for us to form a bond so that we stay united throughout the year.

The talks by Livin Varghese and Maria Jose inspired us to befriend God as we heeded to the experiences they had when they discovered Jesus. The activities were amusing and always had a moral that was rational and realistic. The action songs kept us energized throughout. The Praise and Worship session led by Kunal Sengupta, Sylvi Andrat and Sharon Vas brought us closer to the Lord.

As we approached towards the end of the programme, we realised that we now worked and acted- liked a real, strong crew. There was a panel discussion by Sujith, Maria Jose Kunal Sengupta, Sharon Vas and Reshma, who shared their understandings and experiences on undertaking leaderships.

Indeed, the LTP encouraged us to take the responsibility of great leaders that we may guide and help our team to conquer people’s hearts in the voyage of accomplishments.

Joice Ann Mathew


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