An exciting Quiz Competition was held on the 3rd of August. Sedes Minerva in collaboration with the Science Forum conducted the Science Quiz. Rithika of 2 PCMB D, a science enthusiast, was the quiz master who conducted the quiz in the most efficient way possible. Although it was a science quiz, we could see participants from all three streams – Arts, Commerce and Science taking part in this quiz with utmost anticipation. The quiz comprised of over 30 high spirited teams. A preliminary round decided the top 6 teams who advanced to the finals. The quizzers were indeed brilliant as the selection of the participants to the finals was very tedious.

As the teams approached the finals, they were taken aback, Arun Sir from Physics Department and the Teacher Co-ordinator Of Sedes Minerva surprised them by taking over the final round of the quiz. The questions asked were truly impeccable and captivating. The participants were very active and were thoroughly engaged throughout the quiz.

It was astonishing to see one team score over 300 points thereby setting a very high benchmark and won the Science Quiz, 2018.

Sedes Minerva encourages positive competition and hopes to bring out the best in students of all streams through such competitive events, while ensuring that the students challenge their knowledge in various topics be it Science or Arts and also learn through all possible ways- not just through books and class-room teaching.

Happy Quizzing!

Winners of SCIENCE Quiz 2018:

1st Place – Yaduraj (2H)

                   Chirag (2H)

                   Baggio (2G)

2nd Place – Rohini (2N)

                     Sanskriti (2N)

                     Arunav (2I)

3rd Place – Harish (2D)

                    Punith (2H)

                    Ranjith (2H)


  2 HEPP N

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