The Great Indian Quiz

The Great Indian Quiz was held on the 18th August 2018 to celebrate 72 years of Indian Independence. The quiz was hosted by Vijith Raghavendra of 2 CAME L.  The quiz witnessed a good number of participants in spite of being a Saturday Quiz. The participants were at the edge of their seats to know the answers to the prelims as it was quite tricky yet proficient. 7 competitive teams made it to the finals.  Questions asked were mostly related to Current Affairs, History of India, Indian Mythology, Indian Culture, Political Matters etc.

The finals proved to be the most dramatic one as it consisted of 5 rounds for which visuals were shown and which were linked to one another leading to a single answer. Some connect questions really made the participants think out of the box for one couldn’t think of it without any ease. The Quiz Master had done a great job with the questions and his efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Almost every finalist appreciated the questions and admitted that questions were just on another level. Thus, setting the standards of quizzing high.

All in all, it proved be an exciting quiz as there was much jubilation in the winning teams and the quiz was enjoyed by all which also added value by enhancing the knowledge of the young minds.

Happy Quizzing!

Winners of The Great Indian Quiz 2018:

1st Place –  Ananya Manjunath (2N)

                    Vikram Bhansali (2N)

                    Soumya Joshi (2N)

2nd Place – Rohini Dikshit ( 2N)

                     Sumukh B Ram (2L)

                     Ronak Shah (2L)

3rd Place – Bhairav Reddy (1M)

                    Devika Deevasan (1N)

                    Vignesh KV (1M)



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