Poetry by Lakeside

Pierian Spring hosted its first Poets’ Meet of the year on 29th August 2018 in the idyllic environs of the lake near Dharmaram ground. The meet aims at bringing together the budding poets of Christ Junior College for an informal session, where they can share their best or favourite compositions with like-minded students.

The session was attended by a handful of students from both 1st and 2nd PU. Sitting under the trees in the open, the poets read their works and shared their inspirations with each other. The small number of participants encouraged open discussion and engendered less insecurity among the poets. Students were quick to laud a good turn of a phrase and open to receiving suggestions from fellow poets. The picturesque setting was ideal for sharing profound and sometimes, very personal thoughts and experiences. Numerous poems spread across a spectrum of themes ranging from feminism to the stereotypes that are generally thrown at Indians; from the love that we harbour for our mothers to the eternity of darkness that we are afraid to face, were read aloud. It was the common love of poetry that drew diverse group students from across all streams and kaleidoscopic tastes to the lake and gave a fillip to their confidence.

The meet was a grand success, and the poets walked home, thrilled to have found people who were on the same wavelength as them, and impatient for the next session. The first session of the Poets’ Meet succeeded in creating a niche for poets and drawing into its fold students with a yearning to express themselves.

Samyuktha K


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